It Doesn't Make Cents
It Doesn't Make Cents
How Much Social Debt Do You Have?

How Much Social Debt Do You Have?

Exploring the financial and non-financial impacts of all those pesky little social debts that crop up throughout life

We all have social debts that we’re supposed to pay. Whether it’s spending money to go to your BFF’s bachelorette or buying Girl Scout cookies from your co-worker's daughter, we’re all expected to conform to small social niceties to get along in society. Sign that sympathy card for the PTA president and chip in for flowers.

Sometimes, social debt is less about money and more about time. We’re supposed to reciprocate favors and make time for people in our lives. If you committed to it, you could attend a family event every single week of the year. That might not cost a lot of money, but you might get burned out fast.

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It Doesn't Make Cents
It Doesn't Make Cents
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